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Protection of private information
We shall carefully manage the private information entered in the Contact form according to our privacy policy.(Privacy Policy)
Please accept in advance that depending upon the contents of inquiry, it may need several days for replying or some of the case will not be able to respond to your request.

■Provision of private information to a third party
Private information of a customer registered as a user shall be basically used within our minimum necessary departments in the company to respond to customer requests. However, please note that part or all of the information may be provided to a third party as required.

  • Where only our affiliated company can respond to the type of inquiry
  • Where the name, address and other necessary information of the customer is provided to the delivery company commissioned by us
  • Where judged necessary by law
  • Where deemed necessary for the benefit of the customer or public

Registered contact only be confirmed when there is consent
by the customer as regards our privacy policy and the approval items.