General policy

We are fully aware that private information of our customers is extremely important. When handling private information, we shall ensure that all of our officers and employees comply with applicable laws related to private information to respect our customers and thus live up to their expectations.

Compliance with applicable laws

With regard to the handling of private information of our customers, we shall comply with applicable laws regarding the protection of private information and other related laws and regulations, guidelines by the administration, and the Privacy Policy for our appropriate handling.

Handling of private information

  1. Where a customer is required to provide us with private information, the purposes for which that information is to be used shall be designated in advance. Only where there is consent by the customer, shall we receive private information.
  2. We shall not use private information for any purpose other than those for which the customer’s consent has been obtained.
  3. We shall not deposit or provide to any third party private information provided by a customer excluding cases where there is consent by the customer and where there is a request involving legal obligations from a judicial or administrative agency according to law.
    Even where there is consent, we shall work out an arrangement with the applicable third party regarding the protection of private information to make all possible preparations for the protection of such information when depositing or providing private information to a third party.
  4. We shall take reasonable safety measures to protect private information provided by a customer from its loss, destruction, illegal leakage outside the company, tampering, and illegal access.
  5. Where there is any of the following requests from a customer on his/her own private information, we shall respect the intention of the customer and take necessary action within the reasonable range.
    1. Confirmation of registration content
    2. Correction, updating or deletion of registration content
    3. Withdrawal of part or all of the consent to the use of private information