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Corporate History

Chairperson’s Message

Unipulse was established by a handful of young engineers including myself in 1970, with an aspiration to create unique products using our pulse (digital) circuit technologies.

From the very start, we have been specializing in stress measurement using strain gauge and force and weight measurement by loadcell. Especially for weighing indicators, we were the pioneer in the world to commercialize them.
Since then, with technology expertise we have developed a number of products such as; digital indicators which helps press-fitting and caulking etc. to be performed with optimal load; contactless capacitive displacement sensors, grip force checkers, clamping force checkers and rotating torque meters .
The rotating torque meter in particular has become the standard of shaft type torque measurement, and has been used at great deal of development and manufacturing sites.
In recent years, we have started in-house manufacturing of strain gauges, producing load cells and multi-axis sensors in our own facilities.
A new product UTF series, a flange type torque meter capable of measuring high-frequency torque fluctuation, comprises high safe overload and high torsional stiffness. This series is developed for testing of engines and motors.
Furthermore, we pour our efforts into the development and the sales of various robots such as a torque actuator UNISERVO and an intelligent assist balancer Moon Lifter etc.
Especially, the intelligent balancer can assist transferring heavy objects with operation feeling with human hands as one likes. This is achieved by force sensor and servo motor that constantly detects force and position. It has been receiving a favorable reception from many customers due to its excellent handleability never seen before.
Unipulse will continue it’s efforts to place the highest priority to R&D, and is committed to keep introducing the Japan’s first and the world’s first products.
We do hope you will give us further guidance and encouragement in the future.

Unipulse Corporation



Business Outline

Unipulse is a sensor manufacturer.

We manufacture sensors such as loadcells and torque meters using our high-accuracy strain gauges. Our weighing indicators are widely used for auto-weighing machines such as Dosing machines, Filling machines, Packer scale, Hopper scale, Weigh bridges, Belt weighers and so on.
Rotating torque sensor is a newly developed hit-item. It is used to test rotational parts such as motors and engines.
Above mentioned Weighing indicators, Force indicators, Loadcells and Torque meters make up the majority of our sales.
In addition, Unipulse has CMS (Cart management system) business as well.
CMS (Car management system) is a sorting system used for logistics, our technology is leveraged for a cart which has an accurate weight scale.
Our CMS enables speedy and accurate sorting by giving appropriate instructions to operators via wireless LAN.
Direct selling (without depending on trading companies) is our primary sales approach to be a close partner for our customers.
We also cover oversea market with sales office located in key countries, providing repair services and so on.
To supply and develop our new products, “UNISERVO (Geared servo motor with output torque control)” and “Moon Lifter (Electric balancer)”, ROBOTEC Inc. was established.

Product category

Rotating torque meter Our torque sensors are used to detect torque applied to rotating shafts, mainly used for testing motors, engines, and other rotary components. Those are available in wide capacity ranges from 0.05Nm to 10000Nm, and we have drip-proof type as well.
We also offer various instruments for monitoring torques, including (but not limited to) a USB interface for PC connection, digital indicators to monitor torque, rotation speed, and power simultaneously, and a power and energy monitor for motor test benches.
Load cell Load cells are sensors used to measure weight or force, available in capacity ranging from 100g (1N) to 100ton (1MN) or even above. Load cells are normally connected to digital indicators for practical use.
Weighing measurement Weighing indicators are used with load cells to configure and control automated weighing systems like batching machines, weight fillers, packer scales, hopper scales, truck scales, constant-feeding belt scale, and so on.
Force measurement Our digital indicators are used with load cells to monitor force applied in assembly operations like press-fitting and riveting for automated quality check (OK/not OK evaluation) of products.
Data logger The following is a list of data loggers that can be used for collecting various data in the field such as temperature, humidity, water level, precise displacement and so on.
Amplifiers/Peripherals Amplifiers for load cells and other strain gauge type sensors, printer, recorders, etc….
Displacement measurement Our displacement sensor product line includes capacitive type with 1nm resolution and non-contact fiber optic type with 3MHz bandwidth. Those are used for ultra-precision positioning, gap measurement, runout measurement, flatness measurement, vibration measurement, and more.
Vibration measurement Our vibration monitors enable measurement of vibration magnitude, real-time analysis of frequency, pass/fail test of vibration level at specified frequency range, and so on.
Piezo type accelerometers or capacitive displacement sensors are used for this application.
UNISERVO A geared servo motor with output torque control & Sensing capability. Since UNISERVO is capable of angle and output torque control, it can be used in robotic systems as human friendly actuators. (ROBOTEC’s product)
Moon Lifter Electric Balancer. Moon Lifter allows you to handle heavy components (60kg – 480kg) easily with your hands. It strongly supports the precise assembly of heavy components. (ROBOTEC’s product)

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile Unipulse Corporation
Established April 1, 1970
Capital 95.00 million yen
Revenue About 5.5 billion yen(September, 2022)
Representative Akiko Tamahisa
Number of Employees About 249
Business Description Manufacturing and sales of strain gauge type sensors (for measuring forces, displacements, torques, vibrations, etc…), optoelectronic devices, mechatronic devices, and electronic devices
Head Office Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Saitama Factory Koshigaya City, Saitama
Saitama Factory Annex Koshigaya City, Saitama
Sales Offices Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima
Subsidiaries ROBOTEC Inc.
Unipulse Trading (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
Overseas sales branches Unipulse Instruments Thailand (Bangkok,Thailand)
Unipulse Instruments Pvt. Ltd. (New Delhi,India)

Corporate History

A.C Corporate History Products
1970 Unipulse Corporation was established by Mr. Takami Yoshimoto with the capital stock of 1 million JPY, and the head quarter was located at 1-Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Control devices/Power supply devices/Communication devices
1972 The office was re-located to 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and the manufacturing of custom-made industrial measurement systems (equipments), and communication devices was started. Microwave devices and test devices for shipbuilding companies
1974 Signal conditioners and indicators for load cells under our own brand were launched and the business was expanded to the weighing industry. Fully automated nailing machines for pachinko machines,Data processing devices for material testing machines ,Parking fees calculation systems,Fruits grading/sorting machines
1977 Computers for software development were first introduced, and microcomputers (8080 & 8085A) were used to improve the performance of products. F300,F400,AM53
1979 A manufacturing facility was established in Koshigaya-city, Saitama, and mass production was started, and the sales of products under our own brand started to increase dramatically.
1981 The headquarter office was relocated to Sengendai-Nishi 2-chome, Koshigaya City, Saitama. AM55,LC610,F230,U20
1985 The headquarter building was constructed, and the production capacity was expanded. U200,LC612,AM20,
1986 Nagoya Sales Office was opened in Heian-Dori, Kita-ku, Nagoya City. F360
1989 Another building for production was constructed nearby the headquarter office. F272,F270II
1990 Hiroshima Sales Office was opened in Funairi-Honmachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, and Fukuoka Sales Office was opened in Hakataeki-Minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City. F362,F800
1993 Osaka Sales Office was opened by Shin-Osaka Station in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka. F850
1994 The capital was increased to 521.5 million yen, and Rakuzantei was opened in Lake Hatori Highland, Fukushima, as a recreational facility for employees. F340,F740
1997 The capital was increased to 714.34 million yen. CMS cart management system was developed.
1998 Stocks were listed on the OTC market, and the capital was increased to 825.14 million yen. F158,F370
1999 A new headquarter building was built in Sengendai 1-chome, Koshigaya City, Saitama. UL120
2000 Tokyo Office was opened in Ginza 1-chome. F805
2001 Capital was increased to 1695.77 million JPY, and the company was listed to the 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. F156,F395
2002 The Tokyo headquarter office was opened in Ginza 7-chome, and the former headquarter office in Koshigaya-city started to function as a technical center. UL81,UL84
2006 All stocks of Shoei Densetsu Co., Ltd. and Kyodo Denshi System Co., Ltd. were acquired , and those two companies became subsidiaries. F381,F720A
2007 The Kyodo Denshi System was changed to Nanotest. F372,UL82
2008 The majority of Nanotech’s’ stocks were acquired, and Nanotech’s became a subsidiary. F490,F741-C
2009 Nanotest was merged. F350
2010 The headquarter office was relocated to Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho, Chuo-ku. F730
2011 Unipulse Trading (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., was established in China.
2012 Unipulse India was established in India. F331,F388,F701-P
2013 MBO was carried out and all shares were delisted from the stock market (all shares were acquired by Mr. Takami Yoshimoto through TOB and so on).
Unipulse Instruments Thailand was established in Thailand.
Nanotex was merged into Unipulse.
Intellectual Property Group was newly established for patent applications and managements.
The production of own strain gauges and load cells was started.
rotating torque meter UTMⅡ(0.05~10000Nm), F325
2014 Attended to many trade shows as an exhibitor, and sales of UTMII increased well.
Entered to the final phase for the development of UNISERVO (a geared servo motor with torque sensing capability on the output shaft).
The engineering department at Technical Center was dissolved, and the employees were transferred either to newly-established Production Group or Product Development Group.
2015 The former manufacturing plant of Nanotex in Nagano was closed, and the operations were moved to Technical Center.
The control capability for UNISERVO was dramatically improved, and the product was introduced to the market after M-Tech (a trade show) held on June 2015.
Subsidiary company ROBOTEC Inc. was established in Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho, Chuo-ku.
Uniservo with a controller
2016 Participated in many overseas and domestic exhibitions.
In-house strain gauges production was started. And production capacity of loadcells was increased.
Metalworking machines such as NC lathe machines, Machining centers, Milling machines and Electrical discharge machines were introducted in order to start in-house metalworking.
High Sampling Rate Indicator FS2000, Weighing Indicator FC1000, DIN-rail Mountable Indicator FC400, High Rigidity and Responsiveness Loadcell SCB (Super Cell), Capacitive Contactless Displacement Sensor PS-IA-HS.
2017 Participated in many overseas and domestic exhibitions.
Production capacity of strain gauges were increased.
MoonLifter went into production.
Many patents were granted in 2017.
Electric balancer (Moon Lifter) 60/120/240kg, Linear Encoder ULE-50, Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor ATW200, Eddy Current Sensor UEC-1, 3D Force Sensors, Pre-load Measurement System, New capacity for UNISERVO were added (15W/40W/80W/200W/750W), Parallel-Link Robot went into production.
2018 Participated in many overseas and domestic exhibitions.
Patent applications : 160, Patent granted : 25.
Production of Moon Lifter were increased.
Expand into new markets with a servo press controller.
A Picking cart system with weight inspection,”CMS”, sell well in logistics industry.
Electric balancer 480kg/960kg/wireless/dust proof models, Uniservo 1500W, 8 scales picking cart (CMS), Light-directed Assort & Pick system (LAP), Compression loadcell (UNBF2), Compact clamping force tester (UCF), Servo press controller (PFA10), Flange type torque meter (UTF), Rotating torque meter (UTMlll 0.05 – 2Nm)
2019 Production of Moon Lifter were increased.
The sales of servo press controller increased well.
Electric Balancer: 30kg added to the lineup, Compression loadcell (UCW, ULS, UNBH, USH),Tension / Compression loadcell (URM), Rotating torque meter UTMⅢ (5~200Nm), Rotary encoder option for UTMⅢ,Torque monitor for UTMⅢ (TM320), Torque converter for UTMⅢ (TC80)
2020 Production of Moon Lifter were increased. Centering location option for UTMⅢ, Torque monitor for UTMⅢ (TM380, REM), Compact high-capacity compression loadcell (UCC), Intelligent recorder (MD252), UNISERVO without a reducer, UNISERVO: 400W added to the lineup, Torque & Angle monitor for UNISERVO (USV-EC30), Ring style controller for Electric Balancer (ML-FRC), Rechargeable controller for Electric Balancer (ML-RFC2, ML-WPT)
2021 Technical Center in Koshigaya City was renamed Saitama Factory, and Sensor Factory was renamed Saitama Factory Annex.
Perticipated in many overseas and domestic exhibitions. Opened a new test building of torque flange.
High-performance turning center was expanded.
Patent applications: 193, Patent granted : 52.
(As of September, 2021)
Electric Balancer: 60kg small type & 1500kg added to the lineup, HACCP compatible Electric Balancer, Ultra-thin compression loadcell (UST), Tension / Compression loadcell (UTTC), Compact high-capacity compression loadcell (USLC), Tension / Compression center-hole type loadcell (UCPI), High heat resistant & compact high-capacity copmpression loadcell (UCC (HL)), Rotating torque meter UTMⅢ (500~10000Nm), Torque Flange UTFⅡ
Details of Products:

  • U Series (U20, U300, etc…): pre-amplifiers for load cells
  • LC series (LC240, LC610, etc…): load cell amplifiers
  • F series (F360, F800, etc…): load cell indicators/digital indicators
  • AM series (AM20, AM30, etc…): DC strain amplifiers:
  • UL series (UL82, UL120, etc…): portable data logger