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Protection of private information

We shall carefully manage the private information entered in the Contact form according to our privacy policy.
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Terms of Service
Please note that we decline or delete user registration in the following cases:
1. Where entered information is significantly ambiguous
2. Where there is false application in registered content
3. Where disqualified in the past
4. Where we otherwise judge inappropriate as a user

■Management of ID and password
Since user ID is customer-specific and becomes important information for the identification of the principal. Therefore, the customer must handle it carefully keeping it secret from any third party.
The user shall be voluntarily liable for any damage caused by improper management of the user ID and password, mistakes in use, or use by a third party.
Where the unauthorized use by a third party of the user ID or password is found, immediately inform us.

■Change and deletion of registration content
Where there is a request for information query, correction or deletion from the principal regarding private information registered, we shall quickly respond to it.