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Product outline

A weighing controller developed for belt scales. The weight of raw material can be weighed while being transferred on belt conveyors. Feed rate, total, weight density, load ratio, etc., can be displayed and output by the input of a weight signal sent by the leadcell and the speed signal sent by the speed detector installed under the conveyor. In addition, flow can be controlled by setting the target value.

  • Pulse input function
  • Accumulated pulse output function
  • Zero/span compensation function
  • Graphic function
  • Moisture content compensation function (Water content ratio can be set to compensate the total.)
  • Alarm output


SIF 2-wire type serial interface Standard
SI2 2-wire type bi-directional serial interface Standard
232 RS-232C communication interface Standard
BCO BCD parallel data output interface Option
BCI BCD parallel data input interface Option
485 RS-485 communication interface Option
DAC D/A converter interface Standard
ANA Analog I/O interface Option

Please note that there are possibilities of individual differences in a color tone on display devices such as LEDs, fluorescent display tubes and LCDs due to manufacturing process or production lots.

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